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Makeup Hacks You Must Try: 2021

Makeup Hacks:

In particular, people are going through the busiest times even then they are sensible with their daily outlook. Everyone needs a few tricks, which could Saves time, solves issues, or other out-of-the-boost beauty ideas. Here are some best Makeup Hacks that will change every girl’s makeup period easier.

Makeup Hacks For Eyebrow:

makeup hacks for eyebrows

To make a long-lasting eyebrow simply follow these hacks:

Hack 01: Tint Eyebrows:

To give your eyebrows a solid foundation, start by temporarily tinting your brows with the gel you have. Apply the gel directly from the tube or use it with any precise applicator for better results. Use a brow brush and swipe the products into your brow hairs in flicking motions. The color should be long-lasting, as like for a couple of days. Even after the workouts, Rains, or sleep, it could be last.

Hack 02: Shape Or Fill Eyebrows:

Use a selected stencil to give a perfect shape to your brows. If you are not skilled with your eyebrow products, you should try to use eyebrow stencils. Theretofore, place these stencils over your eyebrows that will prevent you from “coloring” outside of the lines of your brows with your powders, pencils, or gels. After that filled inside with your preferred eyebrow makeup. Remove the stencil when you are done and have a perfect set of Bent eyebrows.

Hack 03: Create A Tail:

Overextending your brows’ tails can give a droopy effect, dragging your face down and making you appear melancholy. To turn a perfect shape of eyebrows tails, take a ruler of eyebrow pencils, then hold it vertically against your face, with one side running along the inner corner of your eye. That’s where should be the starting point of your brow. Look Straight into the mirror and hold the ruler from the edge of your nose and over your pupil. Hold it in the outer corner of your eye. It should be lined with the side of your eye. The end of your brow should end (or can be extended to) where the pencil hits your brow bone without looking fake.

Hack 04: Create A Fade Look:

At first, study your real brows, then you’ll find that the hair is generally finer at the front. To avoid a tanned look, recreate this fade look when filling them in. After that set, the stage with fewer products at the front of your eyebrows, add more as you reach the ends.

Hack 05: Remove Harsh-Lines:

 for eyebrows

Drawing the form of your brows with a pencil and then not blending it can be a tell-tale sign that they’re, drawn on. Therefore, need a quick fix? Create your shape with tiny, hair-like strokes, just like whether you use a pencil, an angled brush topped with brow powder, or a brow gel, and then use a spool to buff out any harsh lines with detailed back and forth motions.

Hack 06: Use Concealer For A Pretty Shape:

In the case of Concealer, if you’re a novice in the art of shading, no worries! You can use a concealer that matches your skin tone to give your eyebrows a sharper shape. Just grab a creamy concealer and a small concealer brush and get to work. Apply the product to the edges of your eyebrows and blend outwards to help define them.

Hack 07: Use Highlighter To Trace:

This extra step will make your arches look more defined. Outlining your brows with a highlighter can put enough spotlight on your arches. After use concealer, add a bit of highlighter to your browbone as well to catch the light and give your makeup that finishing touch.

Makeup Hacks For Eyes:

Upgrade your eye shadow and eyeliner routine to become a makeup master with these Makeup Hacks.

 for eye

Hack 08: Start With Primer:

Want to avoid getting your eye makeup all over your face? Here is the easiest way to protect it from getting so.

So, use an eyeshadow Primer first, your eyeshadow and liner will stay in place for a long time. In addition, you’ll create a smooth foundation for smoother applications.

Hack 09: Use Concealer As An Alternative Use Of Primer:

You are running out of primer? No worries then. You can use concealer as the best alternative use of the primer. Using a little bit of concealer works just as well. Simply take your concealer of choice and dab a couple of dots above your upper eyelid, then use a makeup brush to blend out. 

Hack 10: Create An Eyeshadow Shade By White Liner:

You can’t imagine how fruitful going to the shade by the white liner. Just apply a little white eyeliner beneath your eyeshadow that can create a different look ever. If you ever heard that it’s a good idea to layer white nail polish under neon shades, this works in the same way. By layering shadows atop a white base, will help you to get intensify a color pop. And your eye shadow will appear more vibrant and bowery. 

Hack 11: Melt Your Pencil liner To Glide It:

Buttery in consistency products blends better when they warmed up. So, if your pencil liner is rigid to use or takes multiple coats for a decent color payoff, then melt it down slightly before you start lining. To do so, hold the tip of your kohl liner over a lighter flame for a second or until it becomes tacky, then let it cool slightly (To check the temperature and thickness, swatch it on your hand), then watch the consistency change right before your eyes.

Hack 12: Make Eyes Look Wider:

For those who have slender eyes, and want to get a perfect look of the gorgeous eye that looks wider, it’s a perfect hack. Sweep your mascara towards your nose instead of upwards. It will make your lashes look fuller and your eyes appear bigger. You can also use the eye pencil and lined the inside rim of your lower eyelid. This undoubtedly makes eyes pop!

You can also make eyes larger by applying eyeliner both halfway on top and bottom of lash lines.

Hack 14: Highlight Your Eyes:

To become a gorgeous goddess, everyone knows to highlight the tips of their cheekbones. But what about your eyes?  A well-placed highlight can literarily change your looks and open up your eyes. For a stunning, spotlight effect, highlight the inner corners of your eyes and the middle of your lid. 

Hack 14: Winged Eyeliner With A Spoon:

Although it’s little kinky to hear, you can easily make a perfect winged eyeliner by spoon. To get that winged effect everyone loves dearly, you just need a spoon. Start your eyeliner as you want for a cat-eye look, hold the rounded side of the spoon against your eyelid, and draw by the liner to create the winged effect.

Hack 15: Use Spoon As Mascara Shield:

Nothing is more vexatious than making your eyeshadow look perfect. Then swiping on mascara and ruining the complete thing with unwanted spots. But no worries here are the simplest Makeup Hacks to fix it. Just hold a spoon as if it’s hugging your eyelid, then apply your selected Mascara like you normally would. When you sweep the mascara wand against your lashes, the residue will smear the back of the utensil rather than your skin.

Hack 16: The Dot Technique:

It’s not so easy to create a perfect cat eye with liquid eyeliner. To make the liner process easier, you can apply the dot technique. For this, start by taking the eyeliner and making a dot where you want the point of your flick to end up. After that draw another dot on the outer corner of your upper lash line. Again, repeat this process on the other eye and make sure that your dots are placed perfectly. You’ll get even a cat-eye on both sides this way! After that, use a straight line of eyeliner to connect the two dots before continuing to line your eyes as usual.

Makeup Hacks for Face:

Because the base of your look is precisely defined, you’ll need a few faces’ Makeup Hacks as well.

makeup hacks

Hack 17: Create Natural Contouring:

Even though it’s difficult to figure out where to place blush or bronzer for perfect contouring. But there is the easiest way to do it. For this, use your eyeliner pencil or makeup brush handle. Place the straight edge directly under your cheekbone to getting the right angle.

You can also contour by applying bronzer in 3-shape. For this, just take your bronzer of choice, then apply it in a three shape below both sides of your face. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, start at your forehead and sweep the bronzer from your temple. Then down to your jawline. After hitting those spots, you’ll do it on a route that looks way like the shape of number three!

Hack 18: Cover Up The Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles:

Don’t bother with concealer dots. Just have a chill. Instead, make a triangle shape with the base at your lash line. And at the bottom of your cheek, make a shape of dots also. Wherefores, this will conceal any redness under your eyes and brighten your entire face.

Hack 19: Get A Pearly Skin: Makeup Hacks

Nothing but one simple step is enough to get smooth, pearly skin. Use best epilator for face and remove all the unwanted facial hair. Apply a sheer foundation or concealer over a moisturizing face oil or moisturizer with a makeup blender. And this will give you a no-makeup look with a lovely, natural-looking glow. So, 5 minutes is enough to get this glamourous tone.

Hack 20: Test Foundation And Concealer On Neck, Not On Face:

We’re always trying to work out the perfect shade of foundation or concealer while standing in a Makeup store. It’s too much awkward when you might go to the trouble of swatching a variety of colors only to come up empty-handed. But apart from this, the main problem is you’re just testing these shades on your face. It may seem surprising to you, but the skin on your neck is the perfect place to swatch it rather than your cheek or forehead. Because it might be affected by things like acne and too much sun.  As the face is the most sensitive part of our body, the neck is the best place to swatch.

It’s because it’s more accurate to your natural skin tone!

Hack 21: Use A Brow Pencil To Map Contouring.

Do you have no contour stick? No worries, here an easy Makeup Hacks that solve this problem.

When you’re done applying your foundation, then mark the facial areas you want to contour. Then contour these with a deep colored eyebrow gel pencil. Such as your cheekbones, temples, the tip of the nose, hairline, jawline, and sides of the nose. That’s because brow gel pencils are deeply colored. That makes these perfect for contouring.

Makeup Hacks For Lips:

for lips

Hello, beauties! Are you looking for a hack to make your lips more attractive and last longer than it usually does? 

Then enjoy our amazing Makeup Hacks to make your makeup act easier and elegant.

Hack 22: Make Lips Look Bigger- Contour Lips:

Contouring is one of our best-preferred makeup hacks. However, you can easily handle the dimensions of any area of your body. Therefore, you can create a slight shadow by dusting a creme contour or an ashy-colored contour beneath the center of your bottom lip and above the tops of your lips. Just make sure that you blend it smoothly, not so much. This added contour will make your lips look bigger pretty quickly.

Makeup Hacks

Hack 23: Make Lips Look bigger- Use Highlighter In Your Cupid’s Bow:

Though we think that we can use a highlighter only for our cheekbones, but in reality, we can use this to Cupid’s bow also. If you add a bit shimmer of Highlighter to your Cupid’s bow, it’ll enlarge your lips and make them appear more sensual. You can apply it along with your finger or a soft fluffy brush. 

This highlighting section will make your lips look bigger pretty quickly.

Hack 24: Make Lips Look Bigger-Overline Your Lips:

One of the easiest to make lips look bigger is to overline the lips. It’s something easy to do that makeup experts do all the time! However, you must be careful not to exceed it, or you may end up looking peculiar. So, first and foremost, you have to choose a color that enhances your skin tone. After that, start outlining the lips and drawing slightly over the lips’ natural line – it’s best to slowly increase the lip’s line than to do too much at once!

Hack 25: Make A Nude Shade:

Who doesn’t like the nude shade of lips? – No one.

Moreover, we can’t get enough of a nude lip; it’s not only a terrific day-to-night option, but it also gives the appearance of bigger lips, as darker shades can flatten lips.

When you want a plumper-looking pout that still looks so natural, then a nude lip liner is perfect. To create an elegant look pout, just outline your lips with a nude shade of lip liner, choose a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color. 

In conclusion, we can say that these excellent Makeup Hacks can make your life 100 times easier than before. These Hacks are also makeup-artist approved. So, you don’t need to worry about your looks or skin. These Brilliant Hacks will save you time and money.

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