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Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brand: 2023

Eyes are the mirror of your mind. When you talk, eye contact is very important for interaction. So, why not make your eyes more perfect with the best professional eyelash extensions brand? One of the most recent trends in the beauty industry is that the eyes look natural but sweet with long, glossy pinches. For this concern, we have got some best professional eyelash extensions brand reviewed just for you…. These brands will help you to get a dramatic natural look at eyelashes. If you are bored of using false lashes just to get an illusion of lengthy, thick eyelashes and are too busy to make your eyes gorgeous and attractive then doing an eyelash extensions will be best decision for you! Here we are reviewing the all best professional eyelash extensions brand and explaining why you should use them or not! As an Amazon associate we earn affiliate commissions from your qualifying purchases.

 applying best professional eyelash extensions

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brand

Fortunately, the lash extensions came as a blessing for busy women. But when selecting the proper lash size, alternatives, material, comfort, reviews, removability- each and everything matters.

So, if you haven’t already bounced on the lash wagon, let me tell you that in the world of beauty, lashes have earned their place as the frosting on the cake, and they’re a must-have!

Interestingly an Eyelash extension can take years off your face and rest your mascara.

Well! Let me try to clear things up here: your experience with professional lashes will be totally dependent on the type of extension you choose and the lash expert you visit. Even one bad decision can result in odd-looking lashes and, in certain cases, eye infections.

So, for this concern, this article will help you to get the best one!

Here are 10 Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands:

01. Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes

eyelash extensions brand

SCALA Pro is the best professional eyelash extensions brand. since it has components of high-quality synthetic fibers. Coupled with, these dramatic C-Curl eyelash extensions, made of artificial 3D mink, are an excellent thing to have in any professional beautician’s arsenal.

It is available in different lengths of 8mm~15mm. You look totally natural as you easily hold your curl. However, Scala Personal lash extension is comfortable to use and can simply remove with the eye maker.

Even It has PBT materials of faux mink, which make it easy for you to graft on, and gives you the option to choose 1 to 5 roots from each strip pull.

In essence, they’re an excellent choice for people who want a dramatic look but don’t have enough natural lashes to support traditional extensions.

Overall, it’ll be the best-chosen lash for a stunning looking surrounding your eyes. 


  • Volume lashes.
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Lashes can remove by any eye remover.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear.
  • High-grade fiber.


  • You need to retouch these lashes from time to time.
  • If lashes gets wet for longtime it can fall off.

02.LANKIZ Eyelash Extensions:

Lankiz best professional eyelash

This amazing high-quality silk eyelash extension is 100% handmade, lightweight to wear, and made of PBT material. This professional eyelash extension comes with the size of 8-15mm.

However, this brand has a natural C curl, known as 3D eyelash extensions to enhance your natural lashes and lash line. So, if you are a beginner and want to start a lashing trip more conveniently, then Classic eyelash extensions are easier to work than volume lashes.

According to your forms of the eye varied effects like open eyes, cat’s eyes, and dramatic eyes can freely match the curvature and the longitude. And their matte black color enhances the fullness and length of natural clogs, ensuring a climax that is not unnatural. 

So definitely, It’s One of the Best professional eyelash extensions.


  • The lashes are soft and light and comfortably sit on the lash line.
  • Lashes are curled easily which makes a super attractive and natural look.
  • It’s easy to remove from the sticky strip and apply.
  • Affordable


  • The eyelashes have a bluish color to them.
  • If for any reason lashes gets wet for long period of time they can be damaged as the glue gets wet causing the lashes loose.

3. KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Wispy Wisps

 kiss falscara eyelash extensions

KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Wispy Wisps is another best professional eyelash extensions brand that might suit you the most! The artificial synthetic eyelashes are so comfortable to use. There are different sizes of lashes short, medium, and long (10mm,12mm & 14mm). Firstly, brush with a clean mascara brush. Then, use an applicator pluck a wisp, and then gently set one by one underneath of natural lashes & a little above from the water edges. You have to use the whist from the outer corner of your lash line and place them one right after another. So, it will look continuous and natural. Lastly, there is a seal. You can use it to seal your lashes. After using it, remove it with the remover.


1. It is easy to use and remove.

2. You can reuse it up to 3 times.

3. It saves time and money for going to a parlor. 

4. It gives you a natural look.

5. You don’t have to use mascara.


1. You have to buy an applicator, seal, whist separately.

2. You need to know the process of using this product.

04: LASHVIEW Ellipse Eyelash Extensions:

 Lashview professional eyelash extensions

These super eyelash extensions come with D and C, two impressive arrays of sizes. That makes it the best professional eyelash extensions brand ever in a suitable way!

However, Eyelash Extensions Ellipse increases the surface area between the adhesive and the artificial eyelash by 0.15mm D Curl. Even it keeps its curl twice as long.

And the flat lashes with a 0.15 D curl are more softer than the 0.07mm lashes. 

Moreover, the eyelash extensions from LASHVIEW are highly durable and also remarkably soft due to their unique construction, which has a longer adhesive base.

 Consequently, C curl lashes are very soft, slightly curlier than real lashes, and appear more natural. And D curl lashes are exceptionally delicate and curl slightly more than C lashes, giving you a more beautiful and dramatic appearance.

So, just enjoy these amazing features of LASHVIEW!


  • Easy to use and remove.
  • No residue.
  • Easily picked and stable curl.
  • Affordable and very lightweight.
  • Quality materials.


  • Flimsy and lightweight.
  • The ends of the lashes are slightly blunt.

05: Kiss Envy Ultra Black Flare Long Lashes:

best professional kisss envy

Kiss Envy Ultra Black Flare is one the most budget-friendly astounding professional eyelash extensions brands. It comes in soft, we-defined hairs. Similarly, this eyelash extension will give you 200% more volume than regular individual lashes. They’re available in a wide range of lengths with mixed pack possibilities.

It’s an excellent approach to become acquainted with the brand and determine what looks best. Regardless of length, the steady curl of these lashes will never seem heavy or clumpy on the eye. Henceforth, it is perfect for the Russian Volume Fuller Look Set.

Moreover, the smooth natural hair allows you to add definition and depth to your eyes accurately.


  • No kink ever.
  • Suitable mixed length.
  • Innovative knot technology.
  • Easy to graft and use.
  • No residue.
  • Price-worthy.
  • Affordable


  • If these lashes gets wet for longer time then it can give these a wrong impression.
  • Time-consuming.

06.EYEMEI Eyelash Extensions:

best professional eyelash Eyemei

Individual eyelash extensions by EYEMEI are constructed of 100% handcrafted black PBT material from Korea and are delicate and light for your eyes. That which make it as one of the best professional eyelash extensions brand.

However, EYEMEI is incredibly simple to apply, saving both professionals and beginners a lot of time. Even C curl can keep on your eyes for a long time, and best of all, it is waterproof, so swimming is unaffected.

 Likewise, C curl lashes are exceptionally soft, and the secret to having attractive eyelashes is to curl them.

Moreover, the lengths to be used are 9mm*1, 10mm*2, 11mm*2, 12mm*2, 13mm*2, 14mm*2 15mm*1 and is more curved and extremely natural.

So, get a start on a luxury beauty tour with EYEMEI and love the beauty of being natural!


  • The lash has no kink.
  • Non-sticky and stable curl.
  • Easily picked up and removable.
  •  The lash has no residue.
  • High-quality Black PBT.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable


  • It’s needed to retouch now and again.

07. VAVALASH Ellipse Eyelash Extensions:

best vavalsh eyelash extensions

Are you worried about your suitable eyelashes? No worries, Ellipse eyelash will be the best professional eyelash extensions brand for you because it’s the most suitable eyelash extension ever.

Ellipse offers straight extensions in lengths ranging from 8mm to 15mm that are better suitable for those with this problem.

However, Extension Flat eyelashes have a slightly oval form instead of being rounder. Even, they’re a terrific option for clients who want a dramatic look but don’t have enough natural lashes to hold typical extensions. 

Moreover, A.15 will appear as thick as a.20 with flat cloths. Since the flat lash has a slightly oval form, it embraces the natural lash, which results in better retention.

In addition, the flatter ellipse-shaped base not only provides more attachment surface area for adhesion but also fills and corrects gaps between natural eyelashes, creating a distinctive eyeliner look and the illusion of a fuller original lash line.

So, these lash extensions look and feel like actual mink, but the best part is that- they’re vegan and cruelty-free!


  • Average 47% lighter than others with improved comfort and longevity.
  • PBT synthetic material of the highest grade.
  • longer-lasting lashes.
  • Guaranteed return policy.
  • Affordable.


  • Flimsy and lightweight

08.Scala Individual Lash Extensions

eyelash extensions scala idividual

SCALA is the best professional eyelash extensions brand. since it has components of high-quality synthetic fibers.

 It is available in different sizes of 8mm~15mm. You look totally natural as you easily hold your curl. However, Scala Personal lash extension is comfortable to use and can simply remove with the eye maker.

Even It has PBT materials of faux mink, which make it easy for you to graft on, and gives you the option to choose 1 to 5 roots from each strip pull.

In essence, they’re an excellent choice for people who want a dramatic look but don’t have enough natural lashes to support traditional extensions.

So, if you are looking for a dramatic natural look at a cheaper rate, then you should go for it!


  • Volume lashes.
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Lashes can remove by any eye remover.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear.
  • High-grade fiber.


  • You need to retouched these lashes from time to time.
  • Flimsy and lightweight.

9. FADLASH Eyelash Extensions Mixed Tray Lashes

One of the best professional eyelashes extensions brand is FADLASH eyelash mixed tray lashes. It is made of false Korean mink silk and is a high-quality product. The lashes are d-curl and have 0.2 mm extensions. It makes your lashes a bit curlier than C-lashes.



1. It is soft, light, and comfortable.
2. It is easy to use. After using the lashes, you can remove them easily.

3. You don’t need to go to a parlor or salon to pick this. It’s also a time saver.

4. It is a guaranteed product.

5. It looks so natural.

6. It is affordable.


1. If you don’t put them properly in your eyes, they might fall.

2. You might feel stiff, then it is not suited for you.

10. KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Lengthening Wisps

 professional extensionskiss diy

KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Lengthening Wisps is also listed in the best professional eyelash extensions brand. It is made of microfibers. The using process is as same as KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Wispy Wisps. At the time of removing it, use a makeup pad. Then, soak it in the remover and then put it in the closed eyes. After a while, remove it.


1. It is cheaper than KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Wispy Wisps.

2. It is also natural and full volume.

3. It has 12 months warranty.

4. Easy to place it and remove.

5. There is no need for mascara if you use it.


1. You might face problem applying glue.

2. You need to buy the additional products.

Some Q/A To Solve Your Confusion

What Is The Time Frame For Applying Professional Eyelash Extensions?

Do you want permanent lash extensions? Then, it will take around 2 hours. But it may also fall. So, even if it is permanent, you have to touch it up every few weeks. Lash extensions are attached with each natural lash individually.

Is It Possible To Take Shower With Eyelash Extensions?       

The answer is yes. You can take shower safely after 2 days of applying eyelashes. But always keep in mind that you can’t position your eyes towards the water flow while showering.

How Much Does Professional Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Though the cost of eyelash extension depends on which lash extension you chose, you need a handsome amount for applying for these extensions. The primary cost can vary from $150 to $350. But after applying, you need to touch up every 3-4 weeks! For touch up, you need to spend around $70-$100.

Can Eyelash Extensions Harm Natural Lashes?

The primary answer is “No”. But if you choose the wrong brand and the wrong technician, it does ruin your natural lashes.

What Types Of Eyelash Extensions Are There?


A single type of eyelash extension cannot be perfect for everybody! Everybody has different sizes of their natural lashes. So, they should wear eyelash extensions according to their natural eyelash types and what makes them comfortable.
There are various kinds of eyelashes; such as mink lash, stable lash, fox lash, man-made, silk lash, synthetic lash, volume lash, and so on. There are different sizes of eyelash extensions. They are short-10mm, medium-12mm & long 14mm.
So, you can choose the one which suits and makes you comfortable the most.

How To Select Proper Professional Eyelash Extensions Brand?

Thickness, length, Curl are the three things that you should keep in mind while selecting lash extensions. So, let’s see how they help!

Thickness: Try to choose lashes that are slightly larger and thicker than your natural lashes. It will help you to look more natural and gorgeous. But obviously, go with the one you are comfortable with.

Length: The length of lash extensions is up to you. If you want a serious blond look, then use longer. If you want dense eyelashes, you can choose shorter. But longer lashes will create a problem if your natural lashes are very weak.

Curl: J, B, C, D, L are the different types of curls. J curl lashes are like natural lashes. After J curl, B curl lashes also give natural look. C curl is noticeably curly lashes. You can have a dramatic look wearing a D curl. L curl lashes can give you a flawless look.

Does Professional Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

It does not hurt actually. But you may feel awkwardness while tweezers are near to your eyes. So, it is better to keep your eyes closed throughout the process.

How Long Will The Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions cannot be a permanent solution. Every week, women lose a minimum of 20 natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are attached to natural lashes. So, we cannot expect them to last long.

Will Eyelash Extensions Be Harmful?

Initially speaking, it is not harmful. But if you choose the wrong lashes and apply them with an inexperienced person, it can be harmful. This is why we are reviewing the best professional eyelash extensions brand. We suggest, please gather enough information about the technician and his work on eyelash extensions. Otherwise, your natural lashes will fall, there is a chance of having irritation, allergy, etc. in sensitive skins.

Is It Possible To Wear Professional Eyelash Extensions With Mascara?

You don’t need to apply mascara while wearing eyelash extensions. But if you want to, you can wear mascara. It won’t harm. But remember the mascara should be water-based & washable and contain vitamin B as well.

How To Take Care Of These Professional Eyelash Extensions To Last Long?

For long-lasting eyelashes, you need to maintain some instructions.

Firstly, don’t wet your lashes at least 2 days right after having done with your lash extensions. Then, don’t rub your eyes. Next, don’t put cream-based liner or mascara. Try to use water-based. After that, use an oil-free cleanser to clean the lash extensions.

Following these rules, you may have a long-lasting extension.


To sum up, Choosing from one of these best professional eyelash extensions will be worth your money because of it’s high-grade and qualities. You will get a long-lasting branded professional eyelash extension at a cheaper rate.

However, Eyelash extension users can choose from a variety of curl variations. Which one you choose is dependent on how dramatic look you want to achieve.

By head-to-head comparison, you can use any of them tested on your eyelids and can easily afford because all of them are the best at-salon lashes that are confirmed by a huge amount of customer reviews and beauty experts.

Moreover, it’s a secret weapon for those who wants long-lasted elegant looks at a moment’s notice. Although eyelash extensions take time and aren’t often a day-to-day procedure. But they’re ideal for getting done before a trip, a special event, or a new job because it’ll be long-lasted and semi-permanent.

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