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Facial Recipes

How To Do Facial At Home Magical Formula

Are you wondering how to do facial at home by yourself?

If yes, then here is an amazing facial at home formula for you which will bring instant glow in your face. And if you keep using it, you will have flawless skin as your dark spots and pimples will leave saying goodbye forever.

With these 4 easy steps you can get an awesome spa facial at home. Let’s give it a try……

how to do facial at home

Facial At Home Step 1: Cleansing


1. Raw milk 2 T spoons

2. lemon juice 1 spoon

Mix it well. Now take a cotton puff and apply it to clean your face. After cleaning your face with this cleanser wash your face with cold water.

Step 2: Exfoliation which Means Scrubbing


1. Rice flour 1 spoon

2. sliced half tomato

Dip the half sliced tomato into rice flour and gently massage in your face for about 2-3 min. To remove dead skin and blackheads from your face scrubbing is really helpful. Again wash your face with cold water.

Facial At Home Step 3: Facial Massage


1. Half fresh banana (fully smashed)

2. Tomato pulp 1 spoon

3. Curd 1 spoon

Then mix the Ingredient together in a bowl. Now apply this massage cream slowly in circular motion to your face and keep it for 15 min. wash your face with cold water. The are many benefits of facial massage and it plays an important role in facial.

The ingredients used in this facial massage are all natural ingredients which contains bleaching agents. It helps to make our skin glowing, free from pimples and spotless.

Facial At Home Step 4: Face Pack


1. Gram flour 1 T spoon

2. Coffee 1 T spoon

3. Curd 2 T spoon

4. Honey 1 T spoon

5. Lemon Juice 2-3 drops

Mix it well in a bowl. Avoid lemon juice if you have a sensitive skin. Now apply this amazing face pack in your face and neck and leave it for 20 min. Then wash your face with running cold water.

This face pack is very good for instant brightening look and for long-lasting glowing skin. Try this amazing facial at home at least once a week. I know the facial is a bit time-consuming but trust me it’s worth trying. Beside you should follow beauty tips that can be easily maintained at home to get a healthy skin forever.

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