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Best Epilator For Pubic Hair : Top 3 Braun Epilator

Hair removal seems like a task because it is such a hassle. What if, it isn’t a hassle anymore?? We are reviewing the best epilator for pubic hair for you to get rid of this hassle. Waxing and shaving remove hair but these best epilator devices is better than any other hair removal method. Waxing can remove hair but it makes skin dry, causes ingrown hairs and even causes allergy. Moreover, waxing is very painful! Using epilator is easy and will give you a comfortable hair removal experience which is flexible, smoother & also moisturizes the skin.

Based on the customers review we have choose 3 best epilator for you and provided all the necessary information you need to know before purchasing. Hope you find this helpful and make your best choice. As an Amazon associate we earn affiliate commissions from your qualifying purchases.

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Best Epilator For Pubic Hair Our No. 1 Pick

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-020:

The first best epilator for pubic hair which can give a woman the most effortless hair-removing experience is Braun Epilator Silk- épil 9 9-020. Besides hair trimming, flexible & extra-wide epilation head, trimmer & shaver head, massage pad of the device give some additional advantages. It also has a smart light that ensures all the ingrown hair is removed. The tweener and Sensor Smart technology are used in the device for better results.

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How To Use It To Remove Pubic Hair Smoothly?

Epilate with the fully flexible head which is the most convenient and efficient way. It keeps contact with your skin effortlessly and trims your unwanted hair. A slim ergonomic handle with an anti-slip grip is easy to hold even if it is wet. First, you need to massage and exfoliate your body skin with a massage pad and exfoliation brush.  Then shave and trim the sensitive areas of the body maintaining the bikini line and underarm. SensoSmart controls the pressure limit. Shaving head maintains a good function for epilation. In dry skin, you can epilate. But it will be more comfortable when you use it under warm water while having a bath. 


1. It gives smoother and moisturizing skin for over a month. You don’t need to spend on waxing every month.

2. It is waterproof and easy to handle. You can use it while having shower.

3. It can also be used in sensitive areas (bikini area, underarm).

4. After 1 hour of charge, you can use it for 50 minutes.

5. Moreover, It is the fastest and most effortless epilation device.

6. SensoSmart technology saves you from excess pressure and tweezers remove each short hair.

7. Above all, It is very effective for sensitive skin. They don’t get any rashes (red bumps).


1. It can’t be bought at a lower price.

2. Sometimes, it hurts while epilating with this device and feels discomfort.

3. It can’t be used while it’s charging. It has a high possibility for electric shock and short circuits.

Yeah, it’s not quite budget-friendly but it helps the most. It gives you a flexible body. It won’t hurt when you will get used to it. So, use the device to get rid of waxing.

Best Epilator For Pubic Hair Our No. 2 Pick

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-985:

2nd best epilator for pubic hair is Braun Epilator Silk- épil 9 9-985. It has some other additional settings with epilating. Exfoliation brushes, deep massage pad, 40% wider epilation head, facial brush, shaving and trimming head, SensoSmart technology and tweezer technology, massage rollers are available in this product.

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How To Use It to Remove Pubic Hair Easily?

It is very easy to use and just needs to follow some steps. First, you need to exfoliate and massage your skin with an exfoliation brush. Then shave your skin with your shaving and trimming hand. After that, epilate your hair and then clean your skin with a facial brush. It can be used dry, but using it while having a shower can give you a little more comfort. It will save you from any discomfort while using it wet. You can also wash it as it is waterproof.


1. It is rechargeable and can be used cordless. After 2 hours of charge, you can use it for 50 minutes.

2. Tweezer technology helps to remove hair in shorter than wax.

3. It will make the skin smoother and soft than wax.

4. It has a 40% wider epilation head than any other product of Braun’s epilation. It makes the epilation easy and fast.

5. It is also budget-friendly with good quality and feedback.

6. SensoSmart technology helps you to know if the pressure is more for your skin.

7. It gives you smoother skin for up to 4 weeks.

8. Easy to use.

9. You can use it in every part of your body (even the sensitive parts).


1. Firstly, it gives a little irritation and discomfort after a couple of strokes.

2. It may hurt if you put a lot of pressure.

3. It might be painful if you are using it on dry skin.

4. Battery can not be replaced.

It will make your skin smoother even after cleaning your unwanted hair. If you want less irritation, you can exfoliate your skin or body a day before epilating. Then it will give you less pain. Though the battery is not replaceable, it has a year’s warranty. So, no worries. Use it and make your skin smoother than any other hair removal technology. 

Best Epilator For Pubic Hair Our No. 3 Pick

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-890:

Braun Epilator Silk- épil 9 9-890 is one of Braun’s best epilator for pubic hair which can give you long-lasting salon touch in hair removal. It has a shaver & trimmer head, flexible and extra-wide epilation head, deep massage pad, exfoliation, and gentle exfoliation brush. It has a smart light that assures all hairs are properly shaved. You can have all these qualities from this one product and can have a smoother skin.

best epilator for pubic hair

How To Use It?

It is good to epilate in dry skin but for avoiding irritation, it can be used under warm water. Don’t create too much pressure on your body with the device. With a loose hand, use the device. Hold your skin tight and move the device around your skin or body smoothly.  Add the shaver head attachment before epilating in the sensitive areas. If you give more pressure while using, exclusive sensor smart pressure will alert you. For avoiding ingrown hair, use exfoliation, and for moisturizing and softer skin, add a gentle exfoliation brush. After epilating, apply moisturizer which will help you to keep your skin soft. Add a deep massage pad for toning your skin.


1. It is around 4 times faster than waxing or any other hair removal technology. It catches 2 times more hair in a single stroke than wax.

2. It will give you smoother skin for up to 1month.

3. It saves the expense of waxing every month.

4. You can use it in sensitive areas of your skin (bikini area or underarm).

5. It is rechargeable and has a long-lasting battery. After charging for 1 hour, you can use it for around 50 minutes.

6. It is also budget-friendly.

7. It also cleans the ingrown stubble hair which gives you discomfort and irritation.


1. The battery isn’t replaceable.

2.You may get minor pain after a couple of strokes.

It will help you to shave your unwanted hair and give you smoother skin. If you get hurt while epilating, you can apply some moisturizer. It will reduce the pain. And be careful about the battery. You should use it after charging the device properly as the battery isn’t replaceable.

Head To Head Comparison Of Best Epilator For Pubic Hair

All these three devices are used for hair removal and give you better skin than waxing, shaving, etc. But which one will you choose? These three devices have no maintenance. You can get good epilation from these three devices. Epilator Silk- épil 9 9-985 has a 40% wider epilation head than the other two devices. Epilator Silk- épil 9 9-020 gives the effortless and flexible epilation than the other two.

If you want something budget-friendly, you can get one from the first two epilators (Epilator Silk- épil 9 9-985 & Epilator Silk- épil 9 9-890).

But if you want the best one with all kinds of facilities, you should grab Braun Epilator Silk- épil 9 9-020. It’s a little high in price but you can get all the qualities and essentials in this device. All these devices are very good. We have reviewed top 4 best epilator for face as well. So, why making any delay? Would you still be willing to waste your time on other hair removal technology and tolerate this much pain? I guess no! Book yours right away and rock! 

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