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Best Microdermabrasion Machine: PMD Personal Pro

Are you looking for best microdermabrasion machine? Read our blog and get you answer.

As it may not be possible to book microdermabrasion at any Local Spa during this COVID-19 Pandemic, Then Investing in this at-home microdermabrasion kit will entrust you to safely achieve the same level of professional treatment in the comfort of your home without any hassles of any In-Office treatment.

Pmd Personal Microderm Pro 

Best Microdermabrasion Machine


Personal Microderm (PMD) pro is a skincare tool that as close to a professional microdermabrasion treatment as you can get at home. It combines patented Spinning Disc technology with Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction that vacuums up dead skin cells and leaves skin looking fresh and radiant.

Personal Microderm (PMD) pro helps fade sun spots and get rid of dead skin, accentuates pores and wrinkles more efficiently than any scrubs or cleansing brushes. While this dead skin removed the cell barrier, a new cell growth stimulated and revealed glowing skin.

Other At-home Tools or versions can not provide the same consequence of professional treatment, but Personal Microderm (PMD) pro assuredly offers mild exfoliation benefits safely.

Personal Microderm Pro features Smooth Glide Caps, Dual Speed Settings, and a full range of exfoliation discs that customize your treatment.

In this Pmd Personal Microderm pro review, you’ll learn about the key specifications and features of this hand-held tool in terms of design, power, accessories, price, Side effects, and how to use it, and whether it’s worth buying or not.

Pmd Personal Microderm Pro – Key Features & Specifications

Pmd Personal Microderm Pro – Key Feature

In this section, you can perceive the A-Z information of Pmd Personal Microderm Pro. Like, Power of exfoliation, Strength of Suction, Beauty of Absorption, Ease of Customization, Materials, Design of this device, Side effects, Accessories, Solutions, and Price and Worth.

Power Of Exfoliation:

PMD Personal Microderm Pro patented Spinning Discs embedded with aluminum oxide crystals exfoliate away dead, similarly dull cells from the surface of the skin. And renovate a new healthy young skin.

Strength Of Suction

The perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction of this device is the power for the most efficient microdermabrasion.

Which increases blood circulation of the skin, and triggered the skin’s natural healing process that boosts collagen and elastin.

However, Pmd Personal Microderm Pro has features of two-speed levels to choose from one. As a result, you can comfortably use the standard speed for your regular, intense treatments which makes it the best microdermabrasion machine. 

For the areas that are challenging to reach, such as the nose, or for less intensive skin treatments, lower speed will be more suitable.

The Beauty Of Absorption:

Personal Microderm Pro removes the top layer of dead and roughly dull skin cells. By removing this barrier, skin care products can absorb up to 20X deeper moisturize.

Ease Of Customization

Each treatment of this At-home tool is already customized with two-speed settings and an interchangeable. The full range of discs is not only for the face but also for the body.

Top Materials of Pmd Personal Microderm Pro: 

This device includes,

  • A Personal Microderm Pro.
  • A Power adapter.
  • Body & Facial Cap.
  • Ultra-Sensitive Training Disc.
  • Very Sensitive Discs 2 x.
  • Sensitive Discs 2 x.
  • Moderate Discs 2 x.
  • Very Coarse Discs 2 x.
  • Re-usable filter.

However, The set of Eight discs of Personal Microderm comes in different shapes and colors. These discs are coated with aluminum oxide crystals. As a result, it Exfoliates and resuscitates your skin through these effective intensive care discs.

Design And Shape: 

Pmd Personal Microderm Pro is too cool to see. In addition, It is design is what we call perfection. The first thing you will notice about its weight, how lightweight the design it is. Moreover, This is so cool hand-hold to carry, and comfortable to use 

This best microdermabrasion machine weight is just 14 ounces. Those are easy to handling and use and glides the skin smoothly.

However, the dimensions of this tool are 3x6x8 inches. Above all, It has two-speed and one Vacuum suction settings.

The power system design has enough power system settings by which it works smoothly.

Uses Of The Accessories :

This tool has two caps, one is designed only for facial activity, and the larger one is suitable for the body. These caps work in a combination of eight different size discs. You have to pick a disc and cap it as per your choice then fit them into a figure.

Besides, these caps are simple to swapping each other. Twisting it off and release it to use.

Friendly To Use: 

Pmd Personal Microderm Pro is suitable to use for anyone.

Anyone can use it easily. To use this device, at first you just need to select and place the appropriate disc and cap. Then you have to adjust the speed as per your choice. After adjusting the speeds, you have to lock the cord in the device. Then plug it into your power outlet, and then start your session. 

Remember, before using the device, cleanse and dry your skin thoroughly. For the beginner, a note of tips is that before using this device on the face, test the device on the leg or arm.  Use the tool carefully and move quickly across the skin in an upward motion. Please avoid sensitive areas like the eye area. Please replace the discs after every three to four skin treatments. Finally, after every treatment, clean the caps gently.

Warranty And Value:

All types of PMD devices, including the Pro Personal Microderm Pro, come with a 1-year limited warranty.  

The limited warranty is covered by any manufacturer defect-related problem that turns out for everyday use. But it does not cover the damages that turn out for using a voltage converter.

Moreover, this hand-held tool is not so cheap. But it is considered an affordable one in comparison to other In-office treatments.

PMD Personal Microderm Pro – Pros and Cons:


  • Perfectly designed for both facial and body use.
  • Has a patented spinning disc technology.
  • 2 suction strengths with standard speed for intensive treatment. Speed can be customized by the user. Slow speed in sensitive areas.
  • Board Range of colors of exfoliation disc from very sensitive to very intense.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight to handling.
  • The appearance of glowing, youthful skin.
  • Cost-effective.
  • best microdermabrasion machine


  • You can not use it without electricity.
  • Faster wear out of discs; Though, the replacement discs are available at affordable prices.
  • Not as utmost as in-office treatments, but the results are quite similar.

Is PMD Personal Microderm Pro Worth Your Money?

Personal Microderm (PMD) pro helps to make your skin more glamourous and gives a younger looking glowing skin. What’s more from this, Personal Microderm (PMD) is a budget-friendly option that provides professional treatment at an affordable cost. It saves your money that you spent in a local spa. 

Considering all of the benefits of Pmd Personal Microderm Pro, this device is worth your every penny you will spent on it. Nothing to be wondered as it is considered as one of the best microdermabrasion machine available. As an Amazon associate we earn affiliate commissions from your qualifying purchases.

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