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Foreo Ufo 2 Review: Is It Really Worth Your Money?

In a hectic life, everything apart, you need to take self-care and a relaxing time for yourself, so you should go with this foreo ufo 2 review to get this amazing product for your skincare. You can get at-home facial easily without any hassle.

After researching the customer’s review from amazon and the beauty specialist, I’ve written this foreo ufo 2 review to help you choose it.

Though it’s not as cheaper as other products, it will be worth your money! Interestingly, it’s not just an LED power sheet mask device but also a skincare device with a Cyro and Thermal function that can help in the better absorption of all types of skin products. As an Amazon associate we earn affiliate commissions from your qualifying purchases.

 Let’s get an overlook with this foreo ufo 2 review to get a better idea!

foreo ufo 2 review

Foreo UFO 2-Key features and Specifications

For more information like key features and specifications, read this foreo ufo 2 review thoroughly;

Hydrate skin: According to clinical tests, UFO treatments give instant deep hydration, boosting moisture levels by 126% and extending up to 6 hours.

Healthy glowing skin: T-Sonic pulsations boost microcirculation and give nutrients. Furthermore, oxygen to every cell, renovating a smooth, youthful, and fresh appearance.

Heal and smooth skin: The LED light therapy of UFO-2 animates skin regeneration and speeds up the healing process. Even the UFO treatment helps to relax your facial muscle and minimize puffiness. Also, it aids you to reduce the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles.

Thus your skin gets soothing healing to pamper!

Top Materials of Foreo UFO 2:

It includes;

  1. A UFO Device.
  2. A Foreo make my day face-mask.
  3. A USB charging cable.
  4. A Range of LED Lights.
  5. Foreo Serum sample.
  6. An acrylic stand.
  7. Cyro Therapy.
  8. Thermotherapy.
  9. Smart app.
  10. Temperature control.
  11. Personalized settings.

Design and Shape:

The Smallest device Foreo UFO 2, comes with an astonishing sleek Swedish design and shape. 

On one side, the body of this facial device is durable safe-silicon with a plain treatment palate. And on the opposite side, its design with a beautiful rose gold pattern.

Rose Gold pattern is just a tiny texture of dots in rose gold.

Likewise, the portable UFO 2 device is 70mm in diameter, 27cm in-depth, and weighs only 146g.

The circular aluminum alloy treatment palates cool and heats your skin in a smooth temperature setting of 5 degrees to 45 degrees Celcius.

However, it’s also designed with thermo-therapy, Cyro-therapy, LED lights, Hyper-infusion technology, and T-sonic pulsation.

Moreover, the upgraded technology, faster heating, and cooling everything make this Foreo UFO 2 -the conquering hero of the beauty world!

Thermo-therapy: Foreo UFO-2 comes with a new outstanding feature of thermo-therapy. The thermo-therapy function delivers heat to your face 5x faster than others. Furthermore, the warm temperature (45 degrees) helps open pores, allowing skin creams, face masks, serums, and other essences to penetrate deeply.

Cyro-therapy: This function only comes with Foreo UFO-2, whichever is the latest in the facial devices. At this instant, it’s a lower cooling temperature of 5-degree Celcius to vitalize your skin and treat certain conditions for the safest and most effective treatments.

Notably, this cooling function helps your skin by reducing puffiness, shrinking pores, lifting, and firming skin.

T-sonic pulsation: This outstanding T-sonic pulsation is a soundwave that vibrates up to 10,000 sonic pulsations per minute! 

Hence, these sound waves give you a relaxation facial at home.

This pulsation stimulation improves detoxification at the circular level. And thus, it gives you soothing and healthy-smooth skin. By reducing puffiness, soften dark circles, smooth fine lines, and boost up the efficacy of the UFO face mask.

Full-spectrum LED Lights therapy: 

LED LIGHTS OF foreo ufo 2

Foreo UFO-2 comes with a range of 8 different LED lights. These are,

  • Red LED- Firms and lifts the skin and helps to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and aging skin. 
  • Blue LED- Minimize imperfections, alleviates inflamed acne and damaged sores.
  • Green LED- Brighten dull complexions, soften age spots.
  • White LED- The longest wavelength that reaches deeper in the skin from other LED lights. Tightens and regenerates natural skin system.
  • Purple LED- The combination of red and blue helps to boost up moisture levels and eliminate toxins.
  • Orange LED- Eases sunspots and revitalize skin.
  • Yellow LED- Soothes sunburn, improves skin tone, and softens skin.
  • Cyan LED- Speed up the healing process, distress skin, and reduce the size of capillaries and sores.

Personalize settings: surprisingly, you can customize your own power mask routing by setting different technologies according to your choices.

Device in Colours:

Foreo ufo 2 colors

Fore UFO-2 comes in four colors such as

  • Black
  • Fuchsia
  • Mint
  • Pearl Pink

How To Use Foreo UFO 2?

How to use foreo ufo 2

The newly optimized facial device Foreo UFO-2 is so easy to use!

There are two methods you can use,

  • With App
  • Without App

You don’t have to worry about methods! I can assure you that you can use both of the methods easily!

I recommend that you read the user instructions before using any facial equipment for the first time.

Uses with the app:

apps of foreo
  1.  Install the Foreo app and read the instructions to pair your UFO-2 device carefully.
  2.  Following instructions, remove the attachment ring from UFO.
  3.  Take the desired mask from your Foreo Mask sheet. Carefully open the mask and lay it on the UFO device treatment palate. Adjust the mask by hook the attachment ring back into place.
  4. To automatically sync your UFO 2, open the UFO 2 controls in the Foreo App and select ‘treatments. After synced ufo-2, it’ll lights-up. After that, choose your treatment from the list and press the START button.
  5. Afterward, gently massage your face and neck in a circular motion.

Even, within the app, you can customize your own routine or treatment setting by adjusting the duration of time, LED light, Cooling and heating temperature setting (Thermal and Cyro function).

Most interestingly, the app is just like a beauty assistant, as it explains both writing and voice. 

Surely you’ll love to do with the app!

Uses without the app:

Although you can use UFO-2 without the app, it’s easier to use with the app!

For use in manual mode- without the app, you have to follow these steps;

  • Press to select your preferred mask treatment. The device is pre-loaded with two default masks- “Make my day” and “Call it a night.” You can also customize your own routine.
  • Then choose the desired mask and place it onto the device and secure it with attachment ring.
  • Turn on and select your mask treatment.
  • Massage in circular motions and enjoy this at-home device facial.

And that’s how you can use Foreo UFo-2 without the app!

Let’s enjoy and pamper yourself!


  1. You can check the product whether it is legitimate or counterfeit with the help of the app.
  2. It saves a huge time for you. You don’t need to wait for 20 minutes or even more time for a facial. It needs just 90-120 seconds.
  3. You can have hydrated and glowing skin.
  4. It makes the skin smoother, brighter and also diminishes the dark spots on the skin.
  5. You will have a long-lasting charge. After charging it once, you can use it on daily basis for 2-3 weeks. But you will be able to use it for over a month if you make a gap of 1-2 weeks after using it.
  6. Operating the device is easy.
  7. You can use it daily. It will provide you complete skincare.
  8. It gives an anti-aging effect.
  9. Heating and cooling features are available in the device.


  1. The device is very helpful but the masks are expensive.
  2. You may face problems using the app. Sometimes, the app may have a problem of not connecting with the device.
  3. Be careful about the heating level. Otherwise, you will have to face problems about the heating or infection problem in your face.
  4. Must check the box that you are getting the foreo ufo 2. Based on the review, the most found problem was not getting the exact product.              
  5. The device does not include facial masks. The expense of the masks are separate.

Does Foreo Ufo 2 Really Work?

Of course, it does. Foreo ufo 2 review provides all the working activities of the device. The device contains the LED therapy, cryotherapy, thermal therapy, advanced temperature control, mask compatibility, etc. For skincare, these therapies are very useful. First of all, LED therapy activates the cellular activity in the skin. Then, thermotherapy increases blood flow in the skin and repairs the damaged tissues. Besides, cryotherapy tightens and brightens the skin. It also helps to remove the aging effect. However, you can use any mask for using the device. Moreover, you can control the heat according to your tolerance level. So, all these features sum up in this device. Therefore, it works well.

Head to Head Comparison

Foreo ufo 2 head to head comparison

Does It Worth Your Money?

According to the customer’s reviews, we are providing you this foreo ufo 2 review. And based on that, we can see all the benefits that foreo ufo 2 is providing. There are lots of things that other foreo devices don’t provide. You can have your facial masks within a short period. The device may seem a bit expensive. The sheets they provide are also expensive. But you have all the benefits of doing the facial massage with any other mask. So, you can save the expense of buying the expensive sheets. Here are lots of extra facilities in using foreo ufo 2. So, nothing to worry about. It is worth the money.     

Some Important Q/A About Foreo Ufo 2:

some question answers of foreo

Can I Use Foreo Ufo 2 Daily?

Yes. The device is all about a mask treatment. It is like you are having a homely facial mask at home. So, it is up to you how frequently you want to use it. We mainly recommend using it every day or every alternate day. 

When To Use The Device?

There is no certain schedule for using the device. You can use it whenever you have time for skincare. On day or night, it depends on you. But twice a day is enough to use.

Can We Use It With Any Other Sheet Masks?

Yes. If you think the masks are expensive, you can use any other masks with the device. It is mask compatible.

Can I Use It After A Shower?

It does not give any certain schedule for using the device. You can use it after shower. Besides, it works well when you use a mask after a shower. Because cleansing is the first step of any facial mask. So, it will be good if you use it after your shower. It allows a deep cleansing.

Can I Continue My Other Skincare After Starting To Use The Device?

Yes. The device does not interrupt your skincare routine. Moreover, it adds a different essence to your skincare routine. You can have an instant glowing look after using the device.


Coming up to the conclusion, we have tried to sum up all the possible things about foreo ufo 2 device in our foreo ufo 2 review. Now the platform is yours. You can make your decision to buy it now or regret later. I have also reviewed nuface mini facial toning device which can give an instant facial at home. Therefore, all of our product reviews are the summary of the customer’s and beauty specialists reviews, so that you can get a clear image of the product.

If you are searching for a sum-up of this product details, then surely this foreo ufo 2 review may help you! The product price is a bit higher. But the benefits will overweigh the expense of this product. It reduces acne, dark spots, aging effects, etc. Therefore, it increases blood circulation in the skin. It hydrates the skin and provides healthy & glowing skin. It provides advanced thermal control where the other devices do not give the facilities. So, you may have infections if you don’t control the temperature while having a facial massage with other devices. You can save the expense of buying certain or expensive sheets as mentioned earlier. Then having the massage daily won’t harm your skin. So, let’s end the wait. If investing a little money gives you a lot of benefits, then why not? Don’t overlook your skin problems. Just buy it and enjoy the rest!!   

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